Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can read the most commonly asked questions and answers about living in Regents Square.

Please note, that many of these questions are answered in the extensive Regents Square Handbook that contains more details for each of the FAQs below. It should be considered the official rule document for the community.

Trash collection is on Wednesday and Saturday.

Recycling collection is on Wednesday.

All trash must be properly bagged, preferably in heavy duty trash bags, and must be placed inside containers with tightly fitting lids. Trash cans must be placed out for pick up behind the unit by 7:00 A.M., on the morning of the pick-up. If there is snow on the ground trash should be placed in front at the curb closest to your unit. Trash may be put out no earlier than the evening prior to the pick-up. All containers must be retrieved by the evening of the pickup.

Trash cans and other debris are not to be left on common property at any other time. If you have a back fence, your trash must be placed outside the fence (i.e., on common property) for collection, and be returned to your patio areas by the end of pick-up day.

Improperly contained trash attracts animals! Therefore, any trash not properly contained or any containers left out beyond the scheduled pickup times will be removed by the Association’s contractor and the owner of the unit will be charged accordingly.

Please be aware that there are not enough spaces for all vehicles owned by all residents, since most homes now have multiple drivers and vehicles. This means that we must all follow community rules regarding parking and also be considerate of others.

  • ONLY residents may park in Regents Square parking lots.
  • Guests must park on the street. We are fortunate that Azalea has ample parking available for guests and other overflow parking needs.
  • Vehicles that do not have a current registration sticker may be towed. If you see such a vehicle in your lot, please notify Alena at Abaris.
  • Vehicles that do not appear to belong to a resident may be reported to Alena at Abaris. She will contact city police to determine whether the car belongs to a resident and will arrange for towing if necessary.
  • If you plan to be away for an extended period, please consider parking your car on the street so your neighbors can  access spots closer to their homes.

The towing company for the community is Diversified Recovery, 301-881-8035; 12527 Parklawn Dr, Rockville, MD 20852.

Co-owners and their tenants may keep as pets: birds, gerbils, guinea pigs, hamsters, domesticated rabbits, domesticated dogs, and domesticated cats.

Any resident wishing to keep any pet not in one of these categories must apply to the Board in writing for prior permission, and must submit proof of compliance with any City of Rockville requirements. Permission may be

Any animal kept on the Regents Square Condominium premises, including in the co-owner’s unit, must comply with the Animal Control Regulations of the City of Rockville, including licensing, vaccination, leashing, and other permit requirements.

The Regents Square Condominium Bylaws further state (Article V, Paragraph 9):

“No nuisances shall be allowed on the Condominium property nor shall any use or practice be allowed which is a source of annoyance to its residents or which interferes with the peaceful possession or proper use of the Condominium by its residents.” Pets considered a nuisance or defined as “potentially dangerous” by the Animal Control Regulations of the City of Rockville will be not permitted to remain on Condominium property.”

Here are some additional rules:

  • No pets are allowed on the playground.
  • The pet owner is responsible for cleaning up and disposing of all waste in a sanitary manner.
  • Dogs and cats shall at all times be on a leash, except when confined within the pet owner’s units. NOTE: Dogs that meet the requirements for “offleash with permission” established by the City of Rockville are exempt from this restriction.
  • Breeding of dogs and cats is strictly prohibited.

All requests to make structural alterations or additions, inside or outside of a unit, must be submitted to the Architectural Committee on an Architectural Modification Request form. This includes, but is not limited to, replacement of doors, windows, installation or replacement of rear enclosure fences, hardscapes, replacement of exterior light fixtures, vents, railings, satellite dishes, and changes in color. Such requests must fully document and detail the proposed project.

Yes, please visit the Approved Paint Colors page to view the listing of approved Benjamin Moore paint colors.

Landscaping changes must be submitted on a Landscape Modification Request form. Landscape modifications which require approval include but are not limited to the planting of trees in the common area, installation of borders around flower beds, installation of groundcovers in common areas, removing plantings from the common areas, and installing large permanent plantings in the common areas.

To promote landscape beautification projects and to assist with the cost of plantings by co-owners in the common areas adjacent to their homes, the Board has authorized a Landscaping Incentive Program. The Condominium will reimburse co-owners for one-half (50%) of the total cost of nursery stock for a pre-approved landscaping project, up to a maximum reimbursement of $500 per unit over a period of five years. This program applies to plants listed under “Recommended Plantings”.

Condominium Responsibility:
The Condominium is responsible for repairs to and maintenance of exterior items such as roofs, gutters, downspouts, flashings, exterior walls, mechanical utility rooms, playgrounds, parking areas, pole lights, all green spaces, trees, shrubs and planting in common areas, and sidewalks within the Condominium boundaries.

Roofs: The Association repairs and replaces roofs as needed. Roof inspections are performed by the Association’s general contractor in conjunction with gutter cleaning and minor repairs completed as needed. The Association has had all roofs in the community inspected by a number of roofing contractors to compile an approximate schedule for when roofs will be due for full replacement. If you become aware of any roof damage, please contact management immediately.

Painting: To keep the community looking fresh, each unit within the community is painted every 5 years. The Condominium maintains a 4 year paint cycle with the 5th year skipped. Co-owners are allowed to choose from an attractive color palette when their home comes up on the painting cycle. Homes on a given year’s “paint list” receive notices in late spring or early summer with a form allowing them to designate their color choices. Sample paint colors are visible on the exterior of the Condominium Office at 648 Azalea. Please refer to the paint map to determine when your home is scheduled for painting.

Gutter Cleaning: Gutters are maintained and cleaned out by maintenance contract crews on a continual basis. In a heavily treed community like Regents Square, in a climate prone to summer storms, it is not unusual for gutters to occasionally get clogged and overflow even if they have been cleaned recently. If you notice unusual overflow or see evidence that downspouts are clogged, notify management.

Side fences: Most units have side fences from the back exterior wall out to the rear boundary, separating the rear yard from neighbors’ yards/common areas. Some have a brick wall instead of a fence. These fences and walls are maintained by the Condominium.

Common water heaters: Units facing Nelson Street and in the 500 block of Azalea Drive share common hot water heaters that are the responsibility of Condominium.

Outside hose bibs: Front and rear outside spigots are maintained by the Condominium unless damaged by freezing. The hose bibs are frost free but hoses must be detached in the winter to prevent freezing. Some unit owners have installed shut-offs for the hose bibs within their units but the community was not originally built with these; the association is not responsible for any shut-off valves installed by Co-Owners.

Pest Control: The Association is contracted with Brody Pest Control, 888-886-5113, for extermination services. This covers most bugs and rodents. Larger animals such as birds, bats, raccoons, or squirrels must be handled by a trapping company. Contact the Property Manager if you believe this is needed. Note, the Condominium does not repair interior damage within units caused by these pests. The Association does replace soiled attic insulation as needed.

Co-Owner Responsibility:

Interior: All painting, maintenance, repairs and installations within an individual unit are the co-owner’s responsibility and any plumbing, heating and lighting systems that are wholly contained within the co-owner’s unit or which serve only that unit are the unit owner’s responsibility. These include items such as kitchen appliances, surfaces of walls, ceilings, kitchen and bathroom fixtures, furnaces, air conditioners, wall insulation, fireplaces, and individual hot water heaters.


  • Windows
  • Doors (front and patio doors)
  • HVAC systems
  • Front and rear lights and patio lights attached to the outside of the units
  • Maintenance of rear yards/patios
  • Rear enclosure fences
  • Paint changes: If a color change necessitates two coats, you will be charged for the cost of the second coat. If a Co-Owner wishes to change paint colors outside of their specified paint cycle, the Co-Owner will be responsible.
  • Co-owner Installed Storage Containers in Rear Yards: Since existing storage space is limited, some co-owners may wish to install an additional storage container, such as a shed, chest, or box, on their rear yards. If a co-owner decides to install a storage container, or chooses to extend an existing one, the co-owner is responsible for all maintenance, including re-siding, rebuilding, roofing, etc. Responsibility for the storage container (including re-siding, rebuilding, roofing, etc.) also conveys to all future co-owners of that unit. See Page 26 of the Homeowner’s Handbook for regulations related to co-owner installed containers.
The Association has a contract for extermination services with Brody Pest Control. The exterminator generally services the property on the first and third Thursday of each month and will treat regular household pests such as ants, mice, etc. The Association also covers termite inspections and treatments as needed. You may request to be added to the schedule through Management or by emailing or calling 888-886-5113.

If a co-owner would like to request service outside of the normally scheduled service dates, the emergency service charge of $75 would be charged to the owner’s account upon authorization. The contract does not cover trapping so if you think you are hearing squirrels, raccoons, or bats in the attic, etc., please contact the community manager to coordinate an investigation by the association’s trapping company. 

Storage rooms with individual lockable bins are located under the townhouses at 913 and 1001 Nelson Street and under 508, 530, 602, 662, 678, 714, 750, 757, 778, 787, 814, 855, 876, and 877 Azalea Drive.

Residents may obtain a key to the areas from the Property Manager, or from the previous owner of their unit. Bins are available on a “first-come, first-served” basis. Residents are responsible for locking the bins, and for labeling bins with their name, address and telephone number, as well as a current date. Bicycles may be stored in the front area of storage rooms outside the bins, but must be labeled with your name, address and telephone number, and a current date.

Please contact management to supply the location and bin number of any bin you occupy and to obtain the appropriate storage bin label(s).

The Condominium monthly fee covers the following (partial list):

  1. Professional management of the Condominium
  2. Administrative expenses
  3. Lawn and common grounds maintenance
  4. Trash collection and recycling
  5. Pest control
  6. Common electricity charges
  7. Water and sewer service
  8. Common sewer maintenance
  9. Snow removal
  10. Structure and liability insurance on each unit (but not its contents) and the limited common and general common elements
  11. Exterior lighting
  12. Repair and upkeep of parking areas, the playground, and other common elements, snow removal and leaf and natural debris collection
  13. Maintenance of the exteriors of the structures, including but not limited to roofs, gutters, downspouts and flashings

Individual co-owners’ Condominium fees are based on their percentage of ownership in the community as established in the Master Deed. A budget is developed by the Board each year, and is approved at the annual meeting of co-owners in September.

Regents Square Condominium Bylaws, as well as current Maryland State statute requires all condominium owners to purchase an HO-6 or equivalent. It is vital that all owners buy a Unit-Owner Policy (HO-6 or equivalent) for personal belongings, structure damage, extra living expenses, personal liability, businesses in the home, and Deductible assessments. Mold coverage should also be purchased. HO-6 Policies can be limited or comprehensive. Be certain that your HO-6 policy covers full Replacement Cost for unit and contents damage and will repair unit damage below the Master Policy’s deductibles.

Regents Square Condominium insurance does not pay unit-owners for:

  • Damage or loss to personal and household goods
  • Extra living expenses, hotels and meals, etc. when homes are uninhabitable
  • Unit-owner personal liability for bodily injuries and property damages they cause
  • Unit-owner liability to others caused by careless fires, water overflows, pipe breaks, or water leaks.
  • Deductible Assessments when building damage originates from their unit
  • Mold from any source
  • Losses below the Master Policy’s have a $10,000 Deductible. Regardless of fault, Unit-Owners can be charged up to $10,000 of the Condo Association’s deductible, effective October 1, 2020.

Always notify the Management Agent of any claims. Master Plan insurance proceeds are paid to the Regents Square Condominium and then disbursed to unit owners, less the Master Plan deductible.

Events Insured: “All-Risk” coverage including fire, lightning, windstorm, hail, explosion, riot, aircraft and vehicle damage, smoke, vandalism, falling objects, weight of snow and ice, collapse, sudden and rapid water escape or overflow from plumbing or appliances, frozen pipes, and more. The policy lists all the specific items covered, as well as additional details about the policy. Please contact the Property Manager for further details.

Events Not Insured:
Wear and tear, deterioration, mechanical breakdown, sewage back-ups, ground water, damage by insects or animals, settling or cracking of foundations, walls, basements or roofs; latent defects; water damage caused by repeated leakage, seeping, or condensation from any heating or air conditioning system, appliance, or plumbing. Please contact the Property Manager for further details.

Contact Associated Insurance Management at 301-812-1200 or email; reference Regents Square Condominium and provide your unit address so that a personalized Certificate of Insurance can be generated for your property.